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Campus Cash

Meal Plan

General AppCard Questions

What is the difference between a Meal Plan and Campus Cash?

 Meal PlanCampus Cash
Required for on-campus residential students YesNo
Purchase food itemsYesYes
Pay parking feesNoYes
Pay for printingNoYes
Make purchases at the University BookstoreNoYes
Add funds at any timeYesYes

* A fee applies to refunds of Campus Cash

Meal Plans are mandatory for students living on campus and can be used to purchase any food item on campus.

Campus Cash is an optional account for all students and can be used for on-campus food purchases as well as books, parking fees, and more. 

How do I add money to a Meal Plan or Campus Cash Account? 

You are welcome to add additional funds to either account via AppCard online or in person at the AppCard office in Trivette Hall. Please note that in compliance with security regulations, we are unable to accept a deposit over the phone. 

What do I do if I lose my AppCard?

If you have lost your card, please follow the lost card instructions. If an AppCard is returned to the AppCard office, it will be kept on file. You can pick your card up and have it reactivated at no additional charge.  

Campus Cash Questions

What do I do if I want a refund of my Campus Cash?

Please check our Refund Procedures page for refund information.

 What happens if I have extra Campus Cash funds at the end of the year?

Campus Cash balances carry over each year that a student is enrolled at Appalachian. At separation, balances greater than $15.00 are refundable minus a service charge. Refunds must be requested in writing by emailing appcardoffice@appstate.edu. You can also use the remaining funds to purchase goods at the Markets to take home, or you can purchase a gift certificate to the University Bookstore.



Meal Plan Questions

 What are the levels for the Meal Plans, and how many meals a week do I get with each?

The details for the meal plans can be found online

 I signed up for a Meal Plan, but I can’t remember which one. How can I check?

Students who want to check their Meal Plan selection can call the AppCard office (828-262-6141).

 I signed up for a Meal Plan, but now I would like to change my selection or cancel my Meal Plan. How do I do that?

Students who would like to change their meal plan can complete a change request form (located in the Quick Links). Please note Census Day is the last day to make changes to the meal plan.

  • Census Day for Spring 2024 will be January 29th, 2024.

Does my Meal Plan money roll over?

Meal Plans do roll over from the fall to spring semester but are forfeited after Spring Commencement. This means any unused funds from December will still be on the account when students return from winter break in January. However, any funds left after Spring Commencement will be forfeited.

 What happens to unused Meal Plan money at the end of the year?

We work with students to reduce or eliminate unused Meal Plan funds at the end of each academic year. The percentage of funds that are unused is less than 1%; however, unused balances remain in the Dining Dollars budget to cover fixed costs that occur during the school year.

Is it possible to be exempt from the Meal Plan requirement?

Students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a Meal Plan. Students living in apartment-style rooms with full kitchens are not required to have a meal plan.
Students who wish to be exempt for medical reasons may contact the Office of Disability Services