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AppCard Appointments

AppCard Appointments

AppCard Appointments

The AppCard Office is currently open by appointment only, Monday-Friday.

To schedule an appointment, please make sure that you have submitted your photo per the instructions. If you have lost your AppCard, you do NOT need to submit a new photo. Please see the Lost AppCard Section for more information.

Once you have submitted your photo, you may schedule an appointment to pick up your photo. You must be logged in to your appstate email to schedule an appointment.

Procedures For Submitting AppCard Photos Online

1.  Your photo must be sent using your Appalachian State email address. We cannot accept photos sent from personal email accounts.

2.  In an email with the subject line "Photo for AppCard", please include:

  • Your full legal name
  • Date of Birth
  • Banner ID
  • Attached .jpg photo (see photo submission guidelines below)

3.  Submit your photos to

Once sent, your photo will go through the approval process. You will receive an email once the photo has been received and entered the approval process. If your photo is not approved, you will be notified by email and must resubmit a new photo. Please make sure to follow the photo submission guidelines below.

4.  New students, faculty, and staff may schedule a time* to pick-up their AppCard after submitting their photo via email. You must be logged in to your appstate email to schedule an appointment. Please allow 2 hours (Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm) after  you email your information as outlined above. The AppCard office is not open on Saturday or Sunday.  

* - Once you click on the link, please make sure you are viewing the Google calendar in Eastern Time before scheduling your appointment. You can hover over each appointment to see the exact time. 

Photo Submission Guidelines

Your ID Card photo must be a current picture of you taken in accordance with the U.S Department of State Passport Standards. See the criteria listed below for photo requirements and unacceptable images.


Photos must be taken on a SOLID WHITE background!

  • Current color photo within last 6 months in .jpg format
  • Head must be between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (25 - 35 mm) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head
  • Orientation of the photo must be correct (if photo is sideways it will not be accepted)
  • Solid white background
  • Centered, front view of full face
  • Cropped from just above the top of the head down to the collarbone
  • Bright, clear lighting
  • Eyes open and visible
  • Straight face or smile (no exaggerated faces)
  • Wear prescription glasses if you normally do so
  • Head coverings allowed if you wear it daily for religious purposes (full face must be visible & covering cannot obscure hairline or cast shadows on face)


  • Wearing a hat, sunglasses, or anything that obscures the face
  • Shadows on the face, glare on glasses, or red eye
  • Other visible people or objects in the photo
  • Props or hand gestures
  • Inappropriate expressions
  • Copyrighted images