Costs & Fees

The charge for a student's first AppCard is included in the general fees. Employees receive their first AppCard free of charge. The following costs and fees are associated with the AppCard. All payments can be made at the AppCard Office. Acceptable forms of payment include Cash, Check, Credit Cards (Discover, MasterCard or Visa) or Express Account with available funds.


Don't Toss Your Old AppCard!

AppCards damaged due to normal wear and tear (picture or name has faded, the magnetic strip is worn, the card has become demagnetized or the card is broken) can be traded for a new card FREE of charge. The old card must be surrendered at the time of replacement. The card must be identifiable by picture, name or readable in our scanners to be replaced at no charge.

Getting an AppCard Costs and Fees

Type of Purchase


Replacement AppCard (lost or stolen)$15.00
Damaged Replacement AppCard (damage caused by card holder - unreadable in our scanners due to being hole punched, chewed, washed in the laundry, etc.)$7.00
Elective Replacement AppCard (name change, new picture)
The name on your AppCard must match your legal name in Banner. If you legally change your name, you must notify Admissions or Human Resources prior to requesting a new AppCard.
AppCard for Dependents (first card only)$7.00

Meal and Express Account AppCard Costs and Fees

Type of Fee


Meal Account Funds Transfer Fee
Both students must bring their AppCards to the AppCard office. Transfers may only be made from one Meal Account to another. Express Accounts are not eligible for transfers.
Express Account Refund Fee
Please read the Express Account Refund Policy

AppCard Privileges Costs and Fees

Type of Privilege


Full-Time Faculty/Staff - Recreation Fees Individual $4.00/month
Full-Time Faculty/Staff - Recreation Fees Family$8.00/month
Retired Faculty/Staff - Recreation Fees Individual
Contact the AppCard Office for information regarding access for dependents of retired employees.
Temporary Faculty/Staff - Recreation Fees
Employee only - family access not permitted.

Deactivate Your Lost or Stolen AppCard

The person to whom the AppCard is issued is responsible for its use, including any misuse. If your card is lost or stolen, you will be held responsible until it is reported lost or stolen.

Your AppCard is the ONLY access to your Meal and/or Express Account. If you lose your card, report it to the AppCard Office (828-262-6141), so it can be invalidated. After 5:00 pm and on weekends, report lost AppCards to University Police or online through your AppalNET account. See AppCard Online for details.