Student Campus Cash Accounts

Making Changes to my Account

  • Add Money: Add money to a Meal Plan or Campus Cash by clicking on this link: Deposit Now.
  • Account Details: Students and Employees access AppCard Online from their AppalNET accounts. See AppCard Online for details.
  • Change your Meal Plan:  Fill out the Meal Plan Change Request Form to change your meal plan level for the current semester, submit a change for next semester, or add a meal plan if you live off-campus .
  • Deactivate Your AppCard: Deactivate lost or stolen AppCards online through your AppalNET account. 
  • Transfer your Meal Plan Balance to Another Student: For full details on transfers, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

About Campus Cash

Campus Cash (formerly Express Account) are optional accounts that may be set up for a student's convenience. Balances carry over each year that a student is enrolled at Appalachian, and the remaining balance is refundable minus a service fee at separation from the university. Campus Cash operates on a declining balance system and is accepted at various on-campus locations. Campus Cash cannot be used off campus, and funds cannot be withdrawn as cash. Campus Cash is separate from the Meal Plan, but it is still accessed by the AppCard.

Please see below for the following information:

Is Campus Cash required?

Campus Cash is optional, but students may find it convenient to have funds in Campus Cash. With Campus Cash, you can purchase goods and services all across campus. Please note that Campus Cash does not replace the Meal Plan for students living on campus.

How Campus Cash works

  • Campus Cash is accessed by swiping your AppCard.
  • There is no service fee for using this account.
  • Campus Cash operates like a debit card, except that students cannot withdraw cash. Additional funds can be added at any time.
  • Students are able to monitor account usage and check daily spending through AppCard Online.
  • Campus Cash cannot be used off campus.
  • Campus Cash balances carry over each year that a student is enrolled. 
  • At separation from the university, Campus Cash balances are refundable minus a service fee.


  • Students already need their AppCard as campus identification; having Campus Cash eliminates the need to carry cash or other credit cards for on-campus purchases.
  • While Campus Cash does not replace the meal plan for on-campus students, it can be used for food purchases by off-campus students or once a student's Meal Plan funds have been exhausted.
  • At the library, students must either use Campus Cash or purchase a print card directly from the library.
  • Vending machines accept AppCards (with Meal Plans or Campus Cash), Visa, MasterCard, or cash.

Adding Funds to Campus Cash

Campus Cash accounts are active as soon as funds are deposited. You may deposit funds to a Campus Cash account one of the following ways:

  • Add money to Campus Cash online.
    • There is a $5.00 minimum to make an online deposit (MasterCard or Visa) and a $0.50 service charge is added to each transaction.
  • You can also add a few dollars at any on-campus CSVT Machine.
  • By visiting the AppCard Office during regular business hours. Appointment required due to COVID-19 precautions.
    • We accept credit cards (MasterCard or Visa), checks and cash for deposits.

No Meal Plan money may be transferred to Campus Cash. Students are able to monitor account usage and check daily spending through AppCard Online.

Spending Campus Cash

Use Campus Cash funds at a variety of on-campus locations. Campus Cash cannot be used off campus.