Meal Accounts - sect 4


Where Can I Use It?

Use Meal Account funds for any on-campus food purchase. Meal Accounts cannot be used off campus.

  • All Food Services locations, including franchises
  • The Bake Shop
  • Catering
  • The Markets (campus convenience stores) for food and food-related purchases (Cash, Visa/MasterCard or an Express Account is required for non-food purchases)
  • Crossroads Coffee House
  • The Wired Scholar Cafe
  • Vending machines
  • Concession stands at home football games

How Does It Work?

Because our pricing is a la carte rather than based on a number of set meals each day, students have complete flexibility of how, when and where to use Meal Account funds.


  • Meal Accounts operate on a declining balance system.
  • Students are only charged for what they select and can use Meal Account funds anytime, anywhere for any on-campus food purchase.
  • There are no restrictions on where funds can be used or the number of times per day (exception is a $40 per day limit on vending machine purchases).
  • Meal Accounts cannot be used off campus and students cannot withdraw cash.
  • Balances on Meal Accounts carry over from Fall to Spring semester and end on May Commencement.


  • All food items are priced a la carte (priced separately).
  • Students have control over how best to spend their funds.
  • Daily spending can vary greatly according to eating habits and selections.
  • Visit our Price Comparison to learn more about how our prices compare to those of area restaurants.

Meal Averages

  • Meal averages are as follows (averages are based on the total number of purchases during the meal hours):
    • Breakfast ~ $5.50 including state sales tax
    • Lunch ~ $7.42 including state sales tax
    • Dinner ~ $7.58 including state sales tax
  • Note: Meal Accounts are not designed to provide full meal coverage for a semester. Additional deposits can be made at any time.

Because Meal Account funds are non-refundable, we recommend adding additional funds as needed. Students are able to monitor account usage and check daily spending through AppCard Online.