AppCard Appointments

AppCard Appointments

AppCard Appointments

The AppCard Office is currently open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please make sure that you have submitted your photo per the instructions.

Once you have submitted your photo, you may schedule an appointment to pick up your photo. You must be logged in to your appstate email to schedule an appointment.

Lost Your AppCard? 

  1. Please log in to your appstate email 
  2. Email us at appcardoffice@appstate.edu.
  3. Make the subject line LOST AppCard with your Name, Banner ID and Date of Birth.
  4. Schedule an appointment on the Appcard calendar for pickup time.

* The $15.00 card fee will be charged to your student account to minimize person to person contact. For Faculty/Staff, the $15.00 fee can be deducted from their payroll. If you do not have a student account or payroll deduction, you can pay online.

pile of AppCardsAppCards are issued to all students, faculty, staff and retired employees and serve as campus identification. These cards are electronically encoded to provide access to Meal Plans and Campus Cash, campus facilities and events.

Dependents of students, permanent employees, and retired employees are also eligible for AppCards and the associated privileges.

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